Norseman is very much a part of the historic goldfields with the first discovery of gold in 1892 but because the gold here is located in hard quartz reef and not alluvial, this area did not attract the same number of prospectors as Coolgardie and Kalgoorlie. The first township established was actually Dundas which was approximately 22km south of Norseman, there was also a smaller community established at Princess Royal which was approximately 5km east of Norseman. The discovery of a rich gold reef by Laurie Sinclair in 1894 as a result of his horse 'Norseman' uncovering a piece of gold bearing quartz, caused a town to be established and named in honour of the horse. Since then a rich history of gold mining has developed with numerous mines operating over the years and many ounces of gold being extracted. In November 2002 the current mining company celebrated the extraction of the 5 millionth ounce of gold from the Norseman operation.

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